Basic Handgun (CWP) Class

$75.00-$80.00 USD


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Basic Handgun (CWP) Class

Who this class is created for:
Student is a NOVICE/NEW to firearms, or you NEED REQUIRED TRAINING FOR YOUR CONCEAL CARRY PERMIT. If either apply to you, this is the class for you! This class is only two hours and is an introductory class that is comprehensive in teaching you the following:
-Firearm Safety
-Handgun Types
-Basics of Ammunition
-How the Firearm Works
-Handgun Marksmanship Skills
-Proper Handgun Handling
-Basic Handgun Functioning
- Live Fire Shooting for Qualification
- Issuance of Certificates upon Successful Completion of the above

** First Portion of Training:
- Before coming to the range, there is a required video and test you must view and complete. After purchasing the class, you will receive an email with a link to the video that you must watch BEFORE coming to the range day. This can be viewed at your own leisure. After the video, there is a test on the same page that must be completed. This portion is extremely critical to learn PRIOR to coming to the range. If this video isn't watched in its entirety, and if the test isn't submitted BEFORE the range day, you will not be able to complete the range portion of the training.

** Second Portion of Training:
- Class is range time and live fire training only. You will spend at least one hour at the range learning to safely handle, load & unload, and fire a semi-auto handgun for accuracy. A firearm, ammo and target will be provided for you for the class. You may opt to bring your own gun to shoot during the live fire portion of class. If you bring your own gun, please unload it at home and place it in a gun bag, holster or case of some sort and bring at least 50 rounds of FMJ ammo.

* Eye and ear protection is not provided for you with the class fee. You may bring your own or rent our eye & ear rental pack for and additional fee of $5.00

* After purchasing the class, you will receive an email from us prior to your class date with more details about the day of the range training class.

*You also must download the waiver and fill it out and bring it with you to the class.

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